Aussie Trainer Kimberly Lauren Inspires Us with Keto Recipe E-books

Australian fitness and keto trainer Kimberly Lauren has recently published easy to follow recipes of Keto meals and treats that everyone can follow.

As she launched her Brand Identity and Website, Kimberly Lauren also recently came up with a Keto program to help women and men return to fitness and healthy active living during this time when stay-at-home lifestyles brought by the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to gain weight.

But Kimberly Lauren says watching what you eat need not be a punishing experience where you no longer enjoy treats like a blueberry cheesecake tart or a carrot, banana, or strawberry muffin.

“The last few years have been life-changing. Specifically, I changed the entire way I looked at fats and I decided to delve deeper, study and implement low carbohydrates, moderate protein, high-fat way of eating also introducing and eliminating certain foods that would cause inflammation and bloating,” she posted in her blog.

She has recently launched two Keto recipe e-books on her Kimberly Lauren website which you can easily download.

The Keto Treats E-book features easy to make low-carb and keto treats like cookies, brownies, slices, bars, and cups in a simple to follow recipes to make a delicious dessert or a sweet snack.

“All you need are a handful of ingredients and a little bit of time. I’ve been making these simple and delicious treats for some time, and always find new recipes to make, enjoy, and share. These treats sometimes require a little bit of baking, freezing, and are always completely sugar-free! So if you’ve been looking for a guilt-free, easy to make treats, then these are the ultimate paleo, low carb, and keto-friendly snacks, perfect for when your sweet tooth is screaming,” she said.

The Keto Lunch and Dinner Recipe E-Book, meanwhile, features a healthy eating guide, lunch, and dinner recipes with full directions in making low-carb recipes like Chicken Thigh Curry, Moroccan Beef, and Garlic Chilli Prawns just to name a few of the mouthwatering dishes you can make guilt-free.

Aside from recipe books, the accomplished keto trainer also offers the hugely popular Keto Living e-book that features tips and guides to a following a low carbohydrate and Keto way of living and improve your overall well-being.

The popular Keto Living E-book gives a breakdown of what a day looks like for Kimberly when she is starting her Keto cycle. Among the benefits of following her tips and guides which her clients attest are improved energy levels, better gut health, hormone balancing, quality sleep, among other health benefits of the program.

Also featured on her website is a 90-Day Challenge E-book which will guide you in the development of your healthy lifestyle and fitness goals whether you’re just starting or are looking for a new health challenge. You may also buy the two Kimberly Lauren Keto E-books in an exclusive bundle for a special price.

“Following the e-books, with consistency and discipline, you too can become a better version of yourself, faster, more mentally switched on to carry out daily life, feeling your best and achieving your best life,” she shared.

Check out her Health and Fitness website for access to keto tips and guides and easy to follow recipes.


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