Meshki: A Blueprint for Success in the Digital Fashion Frontier

In the entrepreneurial landscape of Australia, few stories resonate as powerfully as that of Meshki, a fashion brand that emerged from the unlikely backdrop of the University of New South Wales’ architecture department. Co-founders Shadi Kord and Natalie Khoei, initially architecture students, pivoted from drafting building designs to sketching out a business plan for what would become a multi-million dollar fashion empire.

Their journey began modestly, with a shared Instagram page and an initial investment of just $400. This venture was more than a business; it was a passion project that seamlessly blended their love for fashion with a keen sense of market trends. The duo’s strategic approach to curating a limited yet exquisite collection of accessories quickly set the foundation for their brand’s identity – one that emphasized quality, exclusivity, and style.

Recognizing the potential to scale, Kord and Khoei expanded their offerings to include apparel, meticulously choosing pieces that aligned with their brand ethos. This careful selection process, coupled with their commitment to reinvesting profits back into the business, laid the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Meshki’s breakthrough moment came when Kylie Jenner, a name synonymous with social media influence, was spotted in one of their designs. This celebrity endorsement was a game-changer, catapulting Meshki into the limelight and proving the power of social media in modern-day brand building. The ensuing celebrity endorsements, from Jennifer Lopez to Hayley Bieber, reinforced Meshki’s position as a brand that offers luxury fashion at accessible prices.

Today, Meshki’s Instagram stands as a testament to its phenomenal growth, boasting over two million followers. The brand’s success in leveraging social media goes beyond mere follower count; it translates into substantial sales, with about 50% of their revenue generated through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Meshki’s influencer marketing strategy is a cornerstone of their digital success. By collaborating with over 2000 influencers, they’ve managed to extend their reach globally, creating a diverse and loyal customer base. This strategic move not only amplified brand awareness but also diversified their marketing channels, ensuring a steady influx of new customers.

TikTok, the latest addition to their social media arsenal, has proven to be a fertile ground for growth. With an 80% increase in followers since late 2020, Meshki has tapped into TikTok’s unique ability to reach a wider, more diverse audience. This platform has allowed Meshki to showcase their brand personality, connecting with consumers through a blend of humor, style, and viral content.

Beyond the digital realm, Meshki is setting its sights on international expansion, particularly in the U.S., where they already enjoy a significant customer base. This move signifies a strategic effort to not just grow their market share but also enhance their customer service experience, mirroring the success they’ve had in the Australian market.

Behind the scenes, Kord and Khoei are investing in technology and automation to streamline Meshki’s operations. This focus on the backend of the business is a critical component of their strategy, ensuring that as the brand grows, it remains efficient, agile, and responsive to market changes.

In addition, Meshki’s commitment to its team’s growth and development reflects the brand’s ethos of nurturing talent and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

As Meshki prepares to transition into its new headquarters, the brand stands as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Its journey from a university side project to a global fashion powerhouse is not just a story of success; it’s a roadmap for how to harness the power of digital marketing, strategic brand building, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In the ever-evolving world of fashion eCommerce, Meshki has not only designed a successful brand but has also redefined the blueprint for digital age success in the Australian business landscape.

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