Kimberly Lauren Launches New Brand Identity & Website

Aussie fitness Keto Trainer Kimberly Lauren has launched a new Brand Identity and Website program on her popular platform to help women & men return to fitness and healthy active living after a stretched period in isolation. This new website, e-books, recipes and challenges are set to assist people looking to regain their strength after enter into a newer, healthier and active lifestyle.

The program and brand identity is inspired by her own experience as a fitness enthusiast, and keto treat hacker.

Returning to exercise after having an extended period outside of the gym can be tough – I’ve been there, and totally underestimated the physical and emotional challenges of getting back in shape and trying to regain the strength lost during isolation,” Kimberly said.

“Like many of those isolation, I was tired, lacked energy and found even a simple jog at the beach was exhausting. It was an uneasy feeling to realise that I was starting again with my fitness and trying to get back to what I was 2 months ago.”

“I created the new Brand Identity and website to offer those coming out of Isolation the inspiration, drive, and challenge of getting back out there, and taking on a newer, healthier lifestyle… It’s so important that you restore your physical strength, your gut health, your confidence, and ultimately your mental health.”

The easy-to-use and easy-to-follow programs being released will help to restore physical strength and mindset, will include Keto Recipes to focus on gut health and mental focus, and will outline the foundations for living a healthier lifestyle in this post apocalyptic climate.

The program and challenges have been endorsed by GP’s, obstetricians and exercise physiologists, and tested and proven to increase a range of motion, and regain strength in areas often weakened during an extended period of time being unused and lying dormant.

Stay tuned for more on fitness, follow Kimberly Lauren on Instagram, @Kimberly_Lauren_Jones and check out the new platform released

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