“Put yourself in the best position to win” – Entrepreneur Tyler Franko making a massive impact

Tyler Franko (born on August 22, 1990) is a South African-born entrepreneur, investor, and online personality based in Sunshine Coast, Australia.
He is the co-founder, chief visionary officer, and lead developer at Dynamic Code; founder of triangl. software, and co-founder of Leads & Listings.

Tyler Franko was born to a Canadian father and German mother, and raised partly in Johannesburg, South Africa; Cairns, Queensland, Australia; and Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He attended the University of Ottawa in a Bachelor of Communications before attending Algonquin College in Print Media & Advertising.

Tyler Franko: Early Life

Tyler Stewart Franko was born on August 22, 1990, in Johannesburg, South Africa. His mother is Christine Daniels (formally Christine Franko), a hairdresser born in Hamburg, Germany. His father is Scott Franko, a Canadian geologist, electrical technician, and Pinball King of Johannesburg, SA. Franko has a younger brother, Spencer Franko (born 1992).

Tyler’s father, known throughout Johannesburg as the Pinball King for owning 90% of the pinball market throughout Johannesburg, often had high-profile individuals visiting their home and establishment. On one occasion, the democratically elected president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa visited with his children to purchase pinball machines for the family home.

When Franko was 10 years old, his family left South Africa as things became too dangerous, moving to Cairns, Queensland Australia. After his parents divorced in 2003, Franko moved with his father and younger brother to Burlington, ON, Canada.

Around 13 years old, Tyler developed an interest in robotics, computing, and programming, which would later lay the foundations for his career in software development and marketing. Throughout his high school education, Tyler was highly involved in school athletics, winning a Football Championship with the Jr Football Team, Nelson Lords. Franko, also captain of the rugby team in his first year and throughout his high school career, was kicked off the basketball team for being too rough with other players, receiving multiple technical fouls each game. Tyler was also highly involved in the tech department creating the video assets for the annual school shows.


Tyler graduated from Nelson High School in 2008, before attending the University of Ottawa in 2009 for a degree in a Bachelor of Communications. Tyler, still involved in athletics became one of the first-year starting players on the Ottawa University Rugby team, becoming one of the most valuable players in just a few short months. During the summer months, Tyler worked in gold and mineral exploration throughout Canada. Quickly rising through the ranks, at 21 years old, Tyler became the project manager of a Hong Kong-funded $50 million dollar iron exploration program in Schefferville, Quebec, where he lead a team of 40 people which included geologists, diamond drillers, helicopter pilots, engineers, and technicians.


During his time as project manager, Tyler was known for working alongside the team he led, taking on the toughest jobs and assignments. While out cutting a helicopter landing pad 50km into the forest, Tyler suffered a chainsaw wound to his left ankle. Due to the thickness of the forest, Franko had to hop one-legged 1.5 kilometers to the nearest forest line so that he could be airlifted to the nearest hospital. After the injury, unable to walk and play rugby, Tyler transferred to Algonquin College to study Print Media & Advertising.

Business Career

Tycho Marketing

Shortly after leaving Algonquin College, Tyler Franko founded a web development agency in Burlington, Ontario. Shortly after, in 2014 he moved to Brisbane, Queensland Australia, where he broadened his services to online advertising and digital marketing. Working with large organisations like Heineken, Iron Jack, Byron Bay Brewery, XXXX Gold, XXXX Dry, Kirin, LB Coffee, The Joe Berry Award, Retail World Magazine, Convenience World, Pharmacy Magazine, Red Bull, Liquor Legends, XXXX Dry, his agency started to grow very quickly.


In 2018, Tyler co-founded Eternum Labs and Instinct Media with Connor Marriott, which later became Instinct Education; a business coaching and consulting agency that helped business owners create 6 and 7-figure growth. Later in 2020, the two young entrepreneurs would quickly go on to win a 2-comma-club award from Russel Brunson, Click Funnels, for earning over $1 million dollars with a single funnel in 12 months. In mid-2021, the business partners agreed to go their separate ways, with Connor buying Tyler out of both companies.

Dynamic Code

In 2020, Tyler co-founded Dynamic Code with Megan Marsh, a 25-year-old from Melbourne Victoria. After Tyler’s separation from Instinct and Eternum Labs, Tyler focused his attention on developing the digital startup Dynamic Code, which helps thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs generate more revenue within the marketplace. Within just a few short months again working with large organisations like Red Bull, Australian Insurance Builders Network, Liquor Legends, XXXX Gold, XXXX Dry, Iron Jack, Woolworths Group, Women in Franchising, Ray White, Century 21, Channel 7, 7 Plus, LB Coffee, BCF, and Fed Ex among others.

In 2021, Tyler and Megan launched Leads and Listings, a branch of Dynamic Code that focused on Real Estate advertising. Dynamic Code’s Leads and Listings quickly became very popular with their modern marketing methods which threw out old traditional real estate strategies.

“At Dynamic Code, The Creators Code and Leads & Listings, we’re relentlessly focused on one thing: Driving Results,” Tyler said. “We believe we have a responsibility to push the conversation forward. We put emphasis on building modern strategies, that are focused on the psychology, mindset, and disciplines that drive consumers to take action.”

The Dynamic Code team is now comprised of some of the most seasoned, progressive, and consumer-obsessed strategists, creators, and advertising specialists.

Personal Life

Tyler currently lives in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. He is engaged to marry his partner Megan Marsh, who he met in July of 2019. Tyler is an avid reader, reading books that inspire him to grow, invent, and innovate. Recommended titles such as Deep Work by Cal Newport, The One Thing by Gary Keller, Yes by Robert B. Cialdini, Pre-suasion by Robert B. Cialdini, Influence by Robert B. Cialdini, Infinite Game by Simon Sinek, Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek, Think And Grow Rich by Napoloean Hill, Think Again by Adam Grant, 100m Offers by Alex Hormozi, Dotcom Secrets by Russel Brunson, Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson, Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson, Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss, Peak by Robert Pool.

Television Appearances

In 2019, Tyler starred in the “Super Switch” with his ex-fiance Olga Torianskaia. The Super Switch, a reality TV Series where six couples are split and then paired with a complete stranger who is just like them, before moving into one of two mansions that they’ll share with other couples, putting relationships to the test.

Tyler was one of the influential personalities in Seven’s new reality show The Super Switch, which was the third incarnation of its Seven Year Switch format. The series sees young couples struggling in their relationship agree to swap partners (for reasons which still escape me). It also includes couples therapist Guy Vicars and psychologist Jacqui Manning. Promos indicated the series plans volatile exchanges between many of the couples, as well as sharing joint mansions.

But when comparing The Super Switch with Married at First Sight, there’s a subtle difference that I’ll be interested to see in ratings. MAFS starts from a “fairytale” position of looking for their dream partner, so the audience buys into their hopes and dreams before it detours into some ultimately nasty scenes.
The Super Switch is cast around partners whose love is already on the rocks, and they then try to salvage it ..through jeopardising their fidelity. You can see in these publicity shots the couples are grim-face, back to back, not happy.

In 2019, before the show aired, Tyler Franko and Olga Tori also appeared to have split, although no formal announcement was made. However, his Instagram account featured numerous shots of himself solo in a variety of exotic locales, while her Instagram featured photos of herself getting cozy with a new man.