Every market is saturated: How Dynamic Code created dominance within business consulting ahead of launching multiple brands within international markets

After exceeding its sales target of $9 million this financial year, Dynamic Code, an Australian digital advertising business, has launched many brands overseas.

It’s another step forwards in the agency’s three-year journey, which began in 2012 in the bedroom of one of the co-founders.

Tyler Franko, co-founder and head of Strategy & Growth at Dynamic Code, tells Hoxton, “We believe it’s about putting yourself in the best position to win.”

“Every market is saturated. And that can be a good thing for multiple reasons.” he says.

Tyler parted ways with ex-business partner Connor Marriott from Instinct when he saw Dynamic Code had the ability to go international with his new Business Partner Megan Marsh.

“It was only a matter of time until I moved on.” We couldn’t agree on a lot of things, and our visions for the future didn’t align,” he recalls.

“As a result, we had to part ways”

With what he knows today, he claims it was the best decision for everyone.

“Megan and I had the same vision, we believed at our core our number one focus should be client results. Even if It meant taking on fewer clients to deliver that focused attention and better results.”

As it appears now, it was the right decision to make after an increasing number of international clients sought his services and the potential to build software became a reality.

Results Based Analytics 

Tyler claims that Dynamic Code stands out from other digital marketing agencies by avoiding what he refers to as “Social Media Psych-Out” in favour of a promise of outcomes, ensuring a specific delivered result. 

“There are so many ‘Social Media Managers’ and ‘Digital Marketing companies’ that take thousands from small businesses and large organisations, yet all they do is post a few pictures on social media and call it ‘content creation’. It’s a full Social Media Psych-Out… There’s no accountability, and it gives digital marketing a bad name. We’re here to change that.”

It’s an approach that’s earned Dynamic Code multiple awards as a fast-growing business, including a spot in Hoxton Magazine’s Top 30.

The Social Media Psych-Out is a plague within the digital marketing landscape,” he adds, “and people are hiding behind how many views, likes and comments their content receives, thinking it makes a difference for their brand. It doesn’t.” 

“However, when it comes to discussing hard numbers with clients, everyone shies away.”

Dynamic Code guarantees a return on investment, and if clients aren’t satisfied with the service that has been delivered, the company will refund their money.

“So that’s been a major differentiator for us and it has obviously resonated very well in the marketplace,” Tyler says.

Dynamic Code: Continued Strategic Growth 

The digital advertising agency is developing faster than the economy, thanks to the increased demand of digital marketing solutions. With influence in the real estate market, business consulting, coaching, and large scale acquisition, Dynamic Code is making an impact.

According to IBISWorld, industry revenue has climbed by 8.1 percent per year for the last five years, totalling $2.3 billion.

Analysts do not expect it to slow down anytime soon. From 2021 to 2026, according to IBISWorld, the industry’s sales will grow by an average of 11.6 percent every year.

According to Franko, expanding the local team at Dynamic Codes’ Sunshine Coast headquarters and employing more personnel overseas will be required to launch in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Dynamic Code now employs 21 people locally and internationally, although Tyler claims that the head office has the capacity to expand to 55 within the next few months.

“All the dynamic talents, all the technical employees, including things like paid search, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, the development of funnels, creative development and copywriters; will remain here in office” he says.

With Leads & Listings now in full momentum, Dynamic Code will hire additional team members nationwide including, developers, account managers, sales reps and analysts. “With everything we do, we do it right. We have a responsibility to our clients to deliver results, from seasoned experts who know what they’re doing. We go all out,” he says, “It’s full steam ahead, the train keeps moving.”

“Every market is saturated, but it’s a massive market, and that’s what’s gotten us excited,” Franko says, “You have to put yourself in the best position to win”.