The US is issuing a new security directive to airlines: source

Airlines operating in the United States will be required to ask all passengers booked on flights from outside the US if they’ve been to mainland China in last 14 days.

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) will issue a new security directive to airlines from Sunday, according to a person briefed on the restrictions.

Chinese nationals coming from China and connecting through another foreign airport will be denied travel. Those with pre-clearance are exempted.

There are also new directives that relate to US citizens.

US citizens who have been to China in the last 14 days need to re-book to one of seven gateway airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Los Angeles International Airport, Seattle, San Francisco International Airport, Chicago, Atlanta and Honolulu.

TSA notified airlines Saturday about the restrictions. CNN is reaching out to TSA for comment.

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