West Coast set to show premiership player the door

Two-time flag winner Lewis Jetta could be forced out the door at West Coast while two of his premiership teammates will decide their own fate.

Eagles coach Adam Simpson said after his side were upset by Collingwood and bundled out of the AFL finals last Saturday.

Jetta, 31, fell out of favour with the match committee this season and played just six games, though he was named as an emergency against the Magpies.

Simpson wouldn’t commit to handing Jetta a contract next season but said veterans Josh Kennedy and Shannon Hurn can decide for themselves if they want to play on.

“We’d like (the latter two) to go on if they would like to, but we haven’t had those discussions,” Simpson said.

“The ball will be in their court and we’ll see how they’ve pulled up from the season.

“They were both pretty good the other night, weren’t they? Their form suggests they can go on again, but that’ll be up to them.

“I think it’ll be a little bit unfair to go through every spot on the list because you’ll land on one that I don’t want to talk about.

“It is really hard to exit your players and do an end of season review when half our squad is in quarantine and the other (group) are free.

“We’ll wait until next Monday before we get into the player exits and reviews. We’ll go from there.”

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