AFL takes step towards implementing major rule change

The AFL is considering major rule changes to ease up congestion in the 2021 season, according to Fox Sports.

The moves are an attempt to see more free-flowing attacking footy after complaints of overly defensive games in 2020.

The league is considering dropping the interchange cap down to 75 per game, a drop of 15 per game from the 2020 limit, according to the report.

There is a belief this change could greatly reduce congestion as it brings more fatigue into the game.

There is also a move to push the man on the mark back another five metres at kick-ins, meaning they will now be 15 metres away from the goalsquare.

This will allow the player with the ball greater freedown to run the ball out before kicking the ball.

The prospective changes will be further discussed at a Competition Committee meeting on Wednesday.

AFL great David King is one footy figure who will be against bringing down the interchange cap, after he declared that interchanges should be unlimited.

“I don’t subscribe to the capping of it at all. I don’t think that bringing fatigue into our game is a great thing for the skills of our game,” King told SEN.

“Ultimately I think the skills take away congestion. If you can hit targets and keep the game flowing, you don’t have congestion. Forget rotations, it’s not the problem that people think.”

The development comes after the AFL’s holding the ball rules caused confusion and frustration throughout the 2020 season.


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