Survey reveals surprising sentiment toward Australia Day date change

A new survey has revealed Australia’s sentiment towards celebrating Australia day, with a narrow majority of people voting to keep the day on January 26.

The survey of 2297 people, conducted by YouGov, found that 56 per cent of people were in favour of keeping the date of Australia Day as is.

Despite that result, it was revealed that younger generations are more likely to prefer celebrating the national holiday on a different date.

Forty-nine per cent of Gen Z and 46 per cent of Millennials voted in favour of the change.

Thiry-four per cent of Gen X voted to support the date change, while only a quarter of Baby Boomers agreed.

Support for the change was strongest in Victoria, where 44 per cent of respondents were in favour.

That was followed by Tasmania at 36 per cent and New South Wales at 35 per cent.

The survey also asked respondents how they felt about Australia becoming a republic, with 46 per cent of people saying they would be in favour of the change.

Another 43 per cent of people said they would support changing the country’s flag.

Favourite Aussie sport, celebrity
When it came to sport, AFL was the top pick, with 23 per cent of votes, followed by Rugby League (13 per cent), tennis (11 per cent) and then cricket (10 per cent).

Respondents were also asked about their most admired Australian celebrities.

Hugh Jackman topped that list, with 14 per cent voting the Wolverine star number one.

Cathy Freeman was the second most admired Australian on the list, with nine per cent of the vote.

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