‘SHUT US DOWN!’: Just Cuts boss pleads for total hairdressing ban

Hairdressing is not an essential service and should be shut down.

That’s the ‘own goal’ message from the head of Australia’s largest hairdressing chain after the federal government backflipped on the 30-minute time rule for patrons having their hair cut.

Instead, Just Cuts chief executive Denis McFadden says the whole sector should be shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, for the safety of salon staff and customers.

“Hairdressing is not an essential service,” he said on Thursday.

“Of course I would prefer this weren’t happening at all, and calling for the sector to be shut down might seem counterproductive, but it simply must happen in the interests of people’s health.”


McFadden described as “bonkers” the restrictions placed on hairdressing during the coronavirus outbreak, saying it was physically impossible for stylists to do their job.

Those limits included a strictly enforceable four square metre per person rule.

Hairdressers and barbers have also been told to minimise personal contact during appointments.

Direct plea

McFadden said without hairdressing being on the shutdown list, it was difficult for franchise owners to stand down workers and close their doors.

New Zealand and the United Kingdom have both shut down hair salons.

McFadden issued a direct plea to state and commonwealth governments.

“We understand that you’re trying to juggle protecting livelihoods and saving lives but this decision puts both at risk for our people and clients,” he said.

“Please act now.”

The relaxation of rules around hairdressers and barbers was agreed to at a national cabinet meeting on Wednesday night.

The cabinet also agreed to ease restrictions around funeral attendees, with the 10-person limit now able to be waived in cases of hardship.

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