Adelaide optometrist suspended for altering prescriptions

An Australian optometrist based in Adelaide has been disqualified for tampering with eye prescriptions in an apparent attempt to undermine a colleague.

A tribunal in Adelaide found that Ashok Bhoola tampered with 410 prescriptions. Many were returned as a result.

South Australia’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal did not provide a clear motive for the man’s action.

But the alterations caused his colleague to believe that she had made silly mistakes,local broadcaster ABC says.

The prescriptions – initially issued by the woman – were altered in 2015-16. Both she and Mr Bhoola were working at a Specsavers outlet in the Adelaide suburb of West Lakes at the time.

More than 300 pairs of glasses made from the prescriptions were found to be defective and 96 were returned by customers, the tribunal noted.

“We found that the respondent did this deliberately without clinical justification and contrary to the interests of the patients,” the judgment said.

When the wrong readings were pointed out the woman, she “suffered a significant loss of confidence”, the tribunal added.

But she kept records, and an investigation by the Specsavers franchise eventually concluded that Mr Bhoola’s login had been used to make the alterations.

He denied any involvement. The tribunal suspended his registration as an optometrist for a year.

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