Sydney Chiropractor Shares Tips on Preventing Neck and Back Pain

Increased neck and back pain is a growing problem for individuals working from home. Chiropractor Dr. Paula Basilio at My Back Relief shares tips on how to avoid health problems when working from home.

Dr. Basilio, a local Sydney chiropractor, has seen first-hand the increased influx of back and neck pain patients who have been working from home for an extended period of time.

“As a chiropractor, I have seen an overwhelming trend of people coming into my clinic after spending months working from home,” said Dr. Basilio.

“My speculation is that they are moving from their ergonomically well set up workstations in their office to working from home on their kitchen table.”

According to the Working at Home Wellbeing Survey published by the Institute for Employment Studies earlier this year, 58% of surveyees reported a significant increase of musculoskeletal complaints in the neck, while 55% reported an increase in back pain compared to their normal physical condition (1).

“New patients are coming in with low back and neck pain,” continued Dr. Basilio.

“My existing clients aren’t necessarily developing different symptoms, just intensifying the chronic ones.”

Dr. Basilio believes that there are many things workers can do to avoid experiencing neck and back pain while working from home. She shares five “easy, quick and affordable” tips.

  • Get up and move at least every hour. Simple habits such as getting up to grab a glass of water every hour can mitigate the cumulative pressure your spine experiences from sedentary life.
  • Keep computer screen heights at eye level to prevent unnecessary neck bending. Use bluetooth keyboards and mouses to relax the shoulders.
  • Use your chair as back support and lean back to decrease the pressure on your lower back and encourage the natural curves of your spine.
  • Implement daily stretching exercises. Create a stretch routine which encourages tight muscles to relax and joints to loosen up
  • Work at a desk and from a work chair.

Additional information about the issues related to working from home, neck pain and back pain can be found by visiting the My Back Relief Clinic website.

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