How to save money and cut your mobile phone bill in half

With tough times on the horizon, many Aussie families will be looking for ways to save money on regular expenses, like utilities, and your mobile phone bill is an excellent place to start.

With a large number of Australians working and learning from home, many inclusions in our phone plans have become virtually unnecessary overnight. Staying home means that we’re tapping into our WiFi rather than our mobile data. We no longer watch an hour of Netflix during our morning commute.

So, if you’re using less data, is it time to trim the fat on your plan? If you pay more than $50 per month for your plan, the answer is yes. In fact, you can probably cut your bill in half. Most plans these days are contract-free, so you can drop down to lower-cost options or leave your provider all together without penalty and hunt down a bargain with another, cheaper carrier.

To get you started let’s look at no-contract options with unlimited talk and text, but with smaller data inclusions than you may have considered until recently.

As you can see, there are plans as cheap as $10 per month and several great options for well under $30 per month. Even if 1GB of mobile data seems crazy to you right now, you can always test it out and increase this data limit next month if needs be.

For high data and low cost, Circles.Life is worth paying attention to. For just $28 per month, new customers receive 40GB data for the first 6 months. You’ll need to use the code DOUBLEDATA at checkout, and sign up before April 30th to qualify.

If none of these plans appeal to you, and you don’t mind spending a bit more, here are some other, no-contract options under $40 per month. This may not cut your bill in half, but for many phone-loving Aussies, this will still represent a significant saving.

Before you dive in, a word of warning for anyone paying off a new smartphone. While your phone plan is no-contract and you can move to a lower-cost option with your current provider, your phone plan instalments are bound by a contract.

If you decide you want to try one of the other providers listed here, you will need to pay out the balance remaining on your phone before you can change providers.

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