Daniel Andrews ambushed by ‘kill the bill’ protesters during TAFE tour in Bendigo

Dramatic video has captured the moment Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was ambushed and abused by protesters lying in wait outside a regional Victorian TAFE.

Andrews was in Bendigo on Wednesday to spruik the opening of a newly redeveloped $60 million facility.

When he made to leave, however, a small group of protesters greeted him with chants of “sack Dan Andrews” and “kill the bill”.

“You scum,” one could be heard yelling.

Victoria Police officers stood between the premier and his waiting car and stayed with it as it drove off.

One woman with a megaphone was headed off by an officer as she ran towards it.

The protesters were out to rally against a proposed bill that would grant the premier the power to declare a pandemic and extend emergency conditions for three months at a time, for as long as is considered necessary.

Andrews previously dismissed other protests targeting the bill.

“Protesting doesn’t work,” he said.

“The bill that’s in the parliament … builds on what happens in New Zealand, builds on what happens in NSW and is absolutely consistent with the powers that various people within government have held.”

It comes after Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton and COVID-19 Commander Jeroen Weimar were ambushed outside parliament on Monday.

As they walked, the group started booing and screaming that they were “scumbags”.

Other police officers then moved in to walk Weimar and Sutton down the street and block the protesters.