Aboriginal flag will replace NSW flag on Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Aboriginal flag will permanently replace the NSW state flag on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge after the NSW government scrapped its plan to install an extra flagpole on the iconic structure.

Premier Dominic Perrottet on Sunday confirmed the change to the Sydney Morning Herald, labelling it a “practical and pragmatic solution which makes sense”.

The $25 million cost of the additional flagpole installation was revealed by Perrottet last month.

The funding will now be reallocated to Close The Gap initiatives.

The Aboriginal flag had been flying over the Sydney Harbour Bridge this past week for NAIDOC Week.

Following Perrottet’s commitment, the Victorian government also recently made the decision to permanently fly the Aboriginal flag on Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge.

The NSW state flag will now be relocated to the redeveloped precinct on Macquarie Street in the CBD.

Perrottet announced the move earlier this year, saying initiative was part of a new holistic government approach to acknowledging Indigenous Australians in NSW that would include the remediation of Sydney’s Goat Island and its return to Aboriginal ownership.

“We can’t truly be proud of our country unless we are working together to achieve true reconciliation,” Perrottet said in January.

“That’s a combination of both symbolic reconciliation and practical reconciliation.”