Social media reacts to biggest Spotify update in a decade

Users of Spotify have expressed confusion after discovering a significant redesign of the application in the morning.

The removal of the “cute little heart” icon used to add a tune to their “loved songs” collection is one significant change that has elicited strong feelings.

Those who opened the app to check the most recent weekly releases were stunned to see that the heart sign had been changed.

The new “+” symbol serves the same purpose, but it requires users to choose which playlist they wish to add the music to in addition to the previous step.

Hordes of people took to social media to react to the change with many saying they were happy with how it was.

“Why would you get rid of the heart???,” one Twitter user wrote.

“So Spotify is just done with the heart icon?,” another said.

“The checkmate and plus sign is ugly.”

“Why did Spotify get rid of the cute heart like button and replace it with a plus sign,” a third said.

Spotify announced the software update was the biggest change to the platform since 2013.

Among the other features set to join the update, but yet to arrive on some Australian mobile devices is a new home feed which mimics platforms like TikTok with scrollable visual feeds to sample audio before diving in.