New NFT Marketplace X2Y2 DeFi Token Up 225% Despite Bumpy Start

X2Y2, a new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has seen its token soar 225 percent after launching a ‘vampire attack’ airdrop to attract users from OpenSea.

Following technical difficulties with the drop, the community has had some negative reactions to the way it was handled.

On February 16, X2Y2 launched its Ethereum-based NFT trading platform aiming to rival leading NFT marketplace OpenSea. In also launching a vampire attack airdrop, users from OpenSea who had spent more on their collections were eligible for more rewards and were thus lured away from the top platform.

To be eligible for the drop, users needed to have listed their NFTs on the X2Y2 marketplace:

A vampire attack is a strategic move from new marketplaces to airdrop their coins to users after they complete a set of requirements that increase attraction to their platform.

Since its launch, the X2Y2 token pumped 225 percent but is now trading at lower than its launch price:

X2Y2’s launch went through a bumpy start after some technical problems with claiming tokens stopped the airdrop for a few hours: