price slips despite offer to protect Australian users against hacks has offered Australian users its exchange and application, protection from hacks, phishing scams and unauthorized transactions. Proponents believe that the announcement is one of the key factors that could fuel a bullish narrative for’s native token. offers users protection from withdrawals up to $250,000 revealed its Account Protection Programme (APP) for Australian users. The new policy update is for users of the App and exchange.

If users lose funds in a hack, phishing attack or unauthorized withdrawals, would reimburse to the tune of up to $250,000. The policy document details the terms and conditions of the programme.

Benefits of APP apply to users who have satisfied necessary KYC requirements and varies across markets. would determine whether an authorized transaction qualifies for reimbursement before offering goodwill protection.

In the event of an unauthorized withdrawal of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies from a KYC verified Australian user’s wallet, the user could qualify for reimbursement.

Proponents expect the announcement of the Account Protection Programme could fuel optimism among investors. Still, CRO price has dropped by nearly 5% over the past 24 hours.

Technical analysts have evaluated price and forecast a sharp recovery. For instance, @DaCryptoGeneral believes that CRO price could hit $0.49 before its next bullish impulse.