You can speak to a Taylor Swift deepfake on a celebrity voice cloning service

Swifties, brace yourselves. A new chat service can send you personalised voice messages from Taylor Swift and a host of other celebrities.

You can ask the Bad Blood singer to wish you happy birthday, write a commencement speech for a university graduation, or pick her brain about quantum physics. Within seconds, you’ll receive a recording from Swift with a personalised shoutout, an inspiring pep talk, or a summary of a complex scientific topic.

Of course, there’s a catch: It’s not actually Taylor doing the talking. Instead, it’s an AI trained to mimic her voice, with viral chatbot ChatGPT providing the answers. The feature, known as “Forever Voices”, is an example of so-called deepfake technology, when a computer-generated rendition is used to create fake scenes and statements from Hollywood A-listers and world leaders.

Available on messaging app Telegram, the new service also lets you converse with other voice bots including Trump, Kanye West, and Steve Jobs. Though the unlimited version costs $20 (£16.05) per month, you can try it for free now.

So, are celeb voice bots destined to become our new BFFs? We gave Forever Voices a go, and it was a blast to play with. Think of it like Cameo, the app that lets you pay stars like Snoop Dogg and Brian Cox for custom video messages, but for fake voice chats.

To start messaging, all you have to do is choose the bot you want to talk to, and then either type or record your prompt. You can switch between the voice bots by typing “/switch” and even download the audio to share with others.

As part of our AI-powered convos, we asked Swift to wish us a happy birthday, and got Steve Jobs to introduce Apple’s rumoured mixed-reality headset. Most of the voice snippets we received were between 30 seconds to a minute long.

“Welcome to the official launch of Apple’s latest innovation: our mixed-reality headset,” the Jobs AI said in a convincing voice that sounded eerily similar to the deceased Apple co-founder. “This headset seamlessly blends the virtual and physical worlds, leaving users with a sense of presence like they have never felt before.”