Tom Holland reveals what he did after his Spider-Man contract ended

The stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home were on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday, including Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jacob Batalon. After Kimmel showed a photo of Cumberbatch skateboarding on-set while dressed as his Marvel character, Dr. Strange, a conversation sparked about extracurricular activities among the actors, and Holland revealed what he did to blow off steam after years of being under contract for his role as Spider-Man.

“I went skiing right after we finished this movie because, you know, my contract is up. So finally I’m allowed to do things I couldn’t do before. So as soon as I finished I went snowboarding, and I have an amazing photo of me FaceTiming you with blood all over my face,” Holland said, gesturing toward his girlfriend and co-star Zendaya.

Holland’s complicated contract as Spider-Man may have officially ended, but the actor has said he will return to the role if and when he gets the call again. But based on what we heard from Zendaya in this conversation, hopefully that’s not a FaceTime call he’ll be answering.

“I answer the phone and he’s covered in blood and I was like, ‘What are you doing? It’s been like, a week,’” Zendaya said.

Holland and Zendaya, who are dating, confirmed their relationship back in July after it had been rumored to be going on for years. But no matter how long they’ve been together, he is clearly still trying to find ways to impress her.

Kimmel pointed out that it was very “actory” for Holland to call his girlfriend instead of a hospital to show off his blood-covered face, but this Spider-Man was being a straight shooter about it.

“Everyone was like, ‘Wipe it off,’” Holland said. “And I was like, ‘No, I look cool.’”