The Top Up & Coming NFT’s with Huge Predicted Growth

Since 2021 and into 2022, digital art has been thriving, with popular new NFT ventures selling for millions of dollars. Many notable artists and purchasers have been seeking to get into the game as the notion of non-fungible tokens has been presented to the people through mainstream media.

Popular NFTs are attracting good attention from not just ordinary investors, but also celebrities who are idolized by the public. NFTs are here to stay, as seen by this degree of adoption. We’ll show you how to locate and participate in new NFT drops that might add value to your portfolio in this guide.

  1.  Trillionaire Thugstrilionaire thugsBacked by Tech genius and fashion icon Fortafy, the Trillionaire Thugs have been the talk of the metaverse. Analysts predict Trillionaire Thugs will become the next Bored Ape Yacht Club.Trillionaire Thugs is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, each representing a Thug as a digitized piece of 3D art. With more than 350 traits in 3D, our collection will be one of the most diverse and detailed on the market. Our goal is to build a community around the hype of the hip-hop universe. The models to follow are no longer in suits, but in sneakers, their crypto wallets often being more loaded!Have you ever seen a gang without a boss? In any gang, you get respect and the benefits that go with it, by climbing the ladder. On mint day, you have a direct chance to become a Gold member without having to start from the bottom. On the mint day, you will have 5% chance to mint a Golden Thug, as 390 pieces are randomly Golden! Their owners will receive additional benefits when the NFTs are connected to the Metaverse. Just by holding you will get a reward from the crew! In addition to that, 10 Legendary NFTs that will make reference to the crypto world will complete the collection.

    Invest and Purchase your Trillionaire Thug here to be part of the collection:
    Trillionaire Thugs

  2. DEGEN TOONZ COLLECTIONDEGEN TOONZ COLLECTION is an NFT collection that was created 1 month, 2 weeks ago on February 14, 2022. There are currently 4,223 unique owners with a total supply of 8,888 NFTs. The NFTs in this collection have sold 13,861 times with a total volume of 7,023.70 ETH. The floor price is currently at 0.35 ETH and the average price is 0.51 ETH. DEGEN TOONZ COLLECTION was created on February 14, 2022, which is the day when the first DEGEN TOONZ COLLECTION was minted.Invest and Purchase your Degen Toonz here to be part of the collection:
  3. CatBlox Genesis Collection


CatBlox Genesis Collection is an NFT collection that was created 1 month, 1 week ago on February 15, 2022. There are currently 5,066 unique owners with a total supply of 9,999 NFTs. The NFTs in this collection have sold 15,603 times with a total volume of 8,228.90 ETH. The floor price is currently at 0.3 ETH and the average price is 0.53 ETH.

Invest and Purchase your Catblox here to be part of the collection:
CatBlox Genesis Collection


4. GossApe Girl Collection

The GossApe Girl is a collection of 7,000 unique GossApe Girl NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to represent inclusivity, equality and beauty to the NFT space.

GossApe Girl is not just another ape derivative project. Inspired by the TV series “Gossip Girl”, GossApe Girl (GG) is the first-of-its-kind collection of glamorous ape ladies. Each GossApe Girl features meticulously hand-drawn traits, an awesome sense of fashion and confidence, and of course, a little luck via algorithmic generation.

Most importantly, the GossApe Girl is on a mission to bring inclusivity, equality, and beauty to the NFT space. Believe that cool-looking and beautiful Ape Ladies are very much under-represented, and that is about to change! So, whether you’re looking for the perfect partner for your Apes or simply want to own an NFT that actually matches your energy

Invest and Purchase your GossApe Girl here to be part of the collection:
GossApe Girl Collection

5. Dumpster Dorks Collection

DumpsterDorks is an NFT collection of 5,000 randomly generated avatars stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

Spawned from over 500 of the sickest hand-drawn elements this side of the intergalactic dump, each Dork is amassed from curiosities like lost limbs, busted appliances, and hazardous waste, along with special (and scarce!) surprises.

Dive into the dumpster and score some trash worth treasuring!


Invest and Purchase your Dumpster Dorks here to be part of the collection:
Dumpster Dorks Collection

6. CryptoShibes

CryptoShibes is the OG 10k Doge PFP project, that predates even BAYC on the #ethereum blockchain.

It gained a resurgence of interest, as the historical NFTs wave caught traction. || #theOGdogePFPproject

Invest and Purchase your CryptoShibes here to be part of the collection.






7. Xmfers


A total of 6969 unique xmfers will be created. we have made this project a cc0, that gives the power to the xmfers and mfers community to do whatever they come up with. we have donated 10% of initial mint and 30% secondary royalties to mfer treasury.

Invest and Purchase your Xmfers here to be part of the collection:

Xmfers Collection




8. The mfer chicks

The mfer chicks collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain and includes 5,555 mfer chicks

Every chick has brand new traits that we have never seen on a mfer before.

Like Sartoshi said, “there is no king, ruler, or defined roadmap–and mfers can build whatever they can think of with these mfers”.

After reading those lines, my best friend and I decided to build this project for all the females that are badass mfers. We’re even going to support other female artists 🙂

Invest and Purchase your mfer chicks here to be part of the collection:

mfer chicks collection 

9. Lucky Lions Club

The Lucky Lion Club is a collection of 4000 unique 8K NFTs crafted by world-renowned artist Joel Best.

By owning a Lucky Lion, you will have access to a private and exclusive community of high-net-worth individuals spread across the world.

Designers voluntarily decided to create ultra-realistic 3D artworks with an elite team of designers and marketers to only attract valuable and high-quality holders that will benefit the project long term’s success.

Invest and Purchase your Lucky Lions Club here to be part of the collection:

Lucky Lions Club collection 

10. Alpha Kongs Club

An Exclusive Club of 8,888 Alpha Kongs, made by the lead visual artists behind Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pokémon and more.

The Alpha Kongs reached the Digital Age 200 years before humans did. And they have been tracking our every move ever since. Their goal was not surveillance, nor was it vicious in nature.. They simply wanted to hide their civilization at a safe distance.

The Alpha Kongs leaders have now decided to build a unique ecosystem that combines marvellous NFTs, P2E and DeFi. After selling out the whole collection in less than one hour, it’s now time to launch the ecosystem for us all to thrive in. Earn daily yield, play games, have fun and meet your new AKC family.The time Alpha Kong sages predicted long ago has now come.

Earn daily yield and play games in a unique ecosystem that combines P2E, DeFi and NFTs.

Invest and Purchase your Alpha Kongs here to be part of the collection:

Alpha Kongs Collection