Morrison: Pfizer vaccine approved for Australians over 16

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the long-awaited TGA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for Australians over the age of 16, exactly one year since the first case of the virus was recorded at the beginning of 2020.

The prime minister noted the approval was not only for emergency situations but instead provided formal approval under the ordinary processes of the TGA to include almost everyone.

“We are one of the first countries … who have gone through that thorough and comprehensive process here in Australia to ensure the approval of that vaccine”.

Mr Morrison said the rollout had been moved from mid-February to late-February due to high global demand for the vaccine.

He also celebrated Australia’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic and thanked Australians for their compliance to restrictions.

“Australia and our systems have passed the test”.

“Working together we have so far been able to prevent a third wave of COVID-29 here in Australia.”

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