Sydney pet detective says animal theft is on the rise during pandemic

A Sydney pet detective says dog and cat thefts are on the rise as more people want a furry friend to keep them company during the pandemic.

Among the victims are emergency and frontline workers spending long hours away from home.

One of those is Doctor Sharad Pandit, whose bulldog Barry was stolen from his home in Adelaide.

“Coming back home, Barry is like my oasis, if you will,” he told 9News.

“Where I can find my peace, where I can be grounded, he’s been absolutely wonderful.”

After days without Barry, he employed Sydney pet detective Anne-Marie and her sidekick Arthur, who found the bulldog with another family.

“When you find a lost pet, its actually not a case of finders keepers, you actually are required by law to make every attempt to reunite that pet with its rightful owner,” she told 9News.

Anne-Marie said thefts are on the rise right now because there is a supply and demand issue.
More people want a pet because the pandemic has left them feeling lonely, and thieves are taking advantage of this by stealing furry friends to sell them for a profit.

Last night Barry was brought home, and his owner said the timing is perfect.
“It’s a special day today – 60th birthday for me – so, it’s my best birthday present ever,” Dr Pandit said.

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